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Optimizing Your Distribution: A Comprehensive Guide

A man navigating through a warehouse aisle filled with boxes, carefully maneuvering his way.

Efficient distribution is crucial for success in today's rapidly evolving business environment. At JMT Technologies, we understand the critical role that distribution plays in your operations, which is why we offer a range of solutions to optimize every aspect of your distribution process. Let's explore how our ERP system can transform your distribution operations:

CRM and Sales Management

Our ERP system seamlessly integrates CRM and Sales Management functionalities, eliminating duplicate data entry and integration difficulties. With a centralized platform, your sales team can work more efficiently, gaining visibility into key metrics such as won or lost business and order/item profitability.

Manufacturing Quoting & Job Costing

Stay consistent and efficient with our Manufacturing quoting and BOM estimation features. Proven sales processes provide visibility into critical metrics, empowering your team to make informed decisions and drive profitability.

Order Fulfillment

Cetec ERP's powerful platform enables you to fulfill a variety of customer and internal product demands quickly and easily. Whether it's Made to Order (MTO), Engineered to Order (ETO), Configure Price Quote (CPQ), or other distribution methods, our system has you covered.

Purchasing and MRP

Streamline your procurement process and optimize cash flow with Cetec ERP. Our system cuts through complex supply chain dependencies, helping you buy strategically and efficiently.

Inventory Management

Tackle any inventory tracking challenge with our comprehensive Inventory Management features. From high-mix/low-volume environments to specific dimensional inventory requirements, our system ensures accuracy and efficiency.

Mobile Warehousing

Empower your team with mobile tools for receiving, material allocation, and shipping. Barcode scanners, mobile printers, and tablets enable increased throughput and efficiency, even for smaller teams.

Shop Floor

Track and manage diverse shop floor environments with ease. From labor and overhead tracking to electronic routers/travelers, our system keeps your shop organized, efficient, and integrated with the rest of your business.

Planning and Scheduling

Simplify work order scheduling and planning with Cetec ERP's production management tools. Anticipate customer needs and manage material and labor dependencies more effectively.

Integrated Document Management

Stay organized with our integrated document management system. Eliminate the need for multiple systems and save time spent searching for documents.

Quality Assurance & ISO 9001 Management

Integrate quality tracking directly into your ERP system, reducing paperwork and ensuring compliance with ISO and related certification audit requirements.

Fully Integrated Accounting for Manufacturing

Link your manufacturing operations directly to your accounting processes, tracking transactions granularly and in real-time.

Cetec ERP BI Platform

Unlock valuable insights with our BI platform, visualizing data for new business-critical insights and saving management time spent preparing reports.

Customer Portal

Enhance collaboration and communication with customer portals designed to streamline interactions between your service, sales departments, and customers.

Cloud ERP Shipping Plugin

Automate your shipping processes directly within the Cetec ERP web interface, ensuring fast and accurate shipping with seamless integration with shipping carrier accounts.

UK VAT (HMRC) Integration

Ensure compliance with HMRC "Making Tax Digital" programs with our automated tax integration for UK companies.

At JMT Technologies, we are committed to helping you optimize your distribution operations. Contact us today to learn more about how our ERP system can transform your business.

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