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The ABC’s of JMT

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Although we’ve already formally introduced ourselves in THIS blog post. We all know the wise old adage about what happens when we assume things. Therefore, we wanted to take a minute to walk through The ABC’s of JMT. We know that we throw out a lot of acronyms on our new website. Which isn’t always the most helpful way to communicate. We thought it might be productive to share a little more insight to what we do here at JMT Technologies and what exactly all of these random letters mean.

ABCs of JMT blog


First things first, the JMT of JMT Technologies comes from the first names of our three founders: Jack, Marty and Tim. The three of us had years of experience in the software world and decided to combine heads and start this company (along with others… more on that soon!) together.


Just as important as our names, is our work that we’re so proud of: ERP! ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, aka our specialty. Which, to be more specific, is a type of software that businesses or organizations use to manage daily activities like inventory, planning, accounting, procurement, and general logistics. Here at JMT, we utilize Cetec ERP, a complete web-based business platform. Through this software, we provide your business with a platform to increase both capacity and efficiency.


As we move through the funnel of what our business provides, you might next need to know about CRM, which stands for Customer Relationship Manager. This is a service that JMT provides for our clients. This refers to a system for managing all your company's communication, engagement, and relationships with current and potential customers. CRM and Sales Management functionality is fully integrated into our software.



Material Requirement Planning, or MRP, is a technology system for managing inventory and supply levels for your business. With our implementation of Cetec ERP, your Material Requirement Planning is completely streamlined. With the ultimate goal of helping you buy strategically and optimize your profit.


A QMS, or quality management system, is a mechanism that stores processes, procedures, and responsibilities for achieving quality policies. In other words, it’s a software that knows and stores the actions that do and do not work efficiently for your business. At JMT, this quality assurance is not only a priority, but a promise.


In a broad stroke SaaS, aka Software as a System, is the nucleus of what we provide for our clients. With our modern practices, your company will be continually abreast of tech updates and clear roadmaps to success.

We hope that this little vocabulary lesson is helpful as you’re getting to know JMT Technologies and all of the ways that we can service your team. Dig deeper into what we do by viewing our full services page HERE.

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