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Who is JMT Technologies?

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Still in its infancy, but far from inexperienced, JMT Technologies is ready to make a splash in the manufacturing industry. Founders Jack, Marty and Tim (hint hint: JMT’s namesake) have a combined set of skills and experience that uniquely positions them to reinvent the technology logistics of the manufacturing and warehouse world.

Who is JMT Technologies blog

With over 25 years of experience in enterprise resource planning (or “ERP”), sales, and service; JMT Technologies is uniquely positioned to provide you with a well-integrated system fully customized for your specific manufacturing needs. Based totally on you and your buyers’ needs. As veterans in the manufacturing business, we realize the critical impact of down time and work diligently with our customers to produce an efficient service for maximum profitability.

Our consultants come from the manufacturing industry so we understand your challenges. We focus on finding any problems you are facing - internal processes, ERP implementations, scheduling, and we work tirelessly with our team to correct them. We pride ourselves in being available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

For almost three decades JMT Technologies has been helping manufacturers achieve key business goals by developing procedures that better leverage the features of their ERP software. With our hands-on approach, we work with your team to truly understand the needs of your business and what it would look like to get your product or service in and out of your warehouses more efficiently.

JMT Technologies services

Technologically advanced with a proven history, JMT Technologies utilizes Cetec ERP, a complete web-based business platform with a powerful design and modern delivery that make it unique among its peers, providing your business with a platform to increase both capacity and efficiency.

We’re not only hands on, but also results driven. Over the last twenty years, JMT Technologies has guided thousands of nationwide customers through successful ERP implementations, system enhancement integrations, continued training, and onboarding. From concept to implementation, we’ll walk with you through the full journey.

Where software for manufacturing is concerned, it’s important to look for affordability, simplicity, and full range capability. At JMT we champion all three of those concepts.

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